Zonta Club of Billings brings awareness to gender-based violence with artwork

Zonta Club of Billings art show

Each year, the Zonta Club of Billings, USA, in District 12, plans and sponsors a series of art classes taught by a local artist.

This year, the club created a display in a local hospital of the art created by Zontians and domestic violence survivors from Angela’s Piazza: Women’s Drop-In Center.

Onlookers perused the art and wooden witness profiles portraying stories of women and children. The table also included materials on the Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women campaign and information about the Zonta Club of Billings.

Zontians and Angela’s Piazza continue to support this program and believe art to be an important tool in the process of stress relief and healing for victims and survivors of domestic violence.

“I’m always amazed at the results of our art project,” a Zontian says. “There is so much thought and emotion that goes into each drawing. You can tell these drawings are looking into the heart and soul of the women. Each one [is] so beautiful, touching and unique.”

Additionally, the Zonta Club of Billings marched in the 2017 Billings Annual Holiday Parade. The parade took place on 24 November, the day before the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Zontians carried a 16-foot “Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women “banner and handed out 1,000 Zonta Says NO-branded hand warmers to the crowd. Joining club members were other women from the state and survivors of trafficking and domestic violence.


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