Zonta Club of Bielefeld enthusiastically turns city orange

If it is all about visibility and advocacy, Jessica Thamm reckons orange does the cause justice. In the run-up to 25 November, Jessica’s club, the Zonta Club of Bielefeld, picked a spot, or two, got some lights sorted, chilled the wine, and made sure that everyone around them knew they would be “oranging” Bielefeld, Germany. It worked.

An otherwise organized mini-demonstration ended at the Hermann Stenner Kunstforum where the club was “oranging” everything up in orange light. Members united as one to say NO to violence against women and girls.

“If people haven’t seen us, Zonta, yet, it is because they were either asleep or had their eyes closed. The awareness we strive for has no end. It is a constant. It is something to be proud of,” Jessica said. “And we are channeling our energy and time and dedication for a cause that will never stop needing us for as long as there is violence against women and girls.”

The members are proud to be in District 29 and found great pleasure in the beauty of all the orange spots dotted around their district and in Area 5.

“Women who have the spirit to join forces for the cause are – if you like – to some extent invincible,” Jessica said. “Zonta says NO. The Zonta Club of Bielefeld says NO. With no end in sight.”

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