The Zonta eClub of the Philippines1 launches Instagram and Facebook campaign for gender equality

As part of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence campaign in 2019, the Zonta eClub of the Philippines1, District 17, joined fellow Zontians worldwide in saying no to violence against women and work to end child marriage by launching an online campaign for gender equality.  The campaign was on both Instagram and Facebook and engaged club members who are leaders from various industries to be involved in taking a stand in saying NO to violence against women and work to end child marriage.

Club members created media pages that turned negative connotations of women to their rightful, valued and positive significance. Each page was designed to strengthen gender equality, lessen prejudice and stop violence against women and girls. Each post was shared on the club’s official Instagram account (@zecphils1) as well as individual members’ accounts on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtags #ZontaSaysNO and #16days.

This campaign brings forth the discussion surrounding sexual harassment in the workplace and the need to fundamentally transform the power structure and discriminatory norms that enable gender-based violence and discrimination to exist. By turning negative connotations of women into its positive valuation and rightful importance, club members advocated for a change in attitude in general and more specifically attitudes toward women in the work place. Club members hope this campaign brings awareness as well as accountability to the issue at hand and that the message transcends beyond the work environment.

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