In the news: Zonta Club of Iloilo City II uses online media to educate women and girls during 16 Days of Activism

The coronavirus pandemic has affected Zonta’s traditional actions and interactions, but even amid adversity, there is “much work to do” and [the Zonta Club of Iloilo City II, Philippines, is] not backing down.

“This year, we have concentrated on educating women as to what they can do. We have established a Facebook page: Zonta Club of Iloilo City II Advocacy,” Ong shared. “We post educational materials on what we can do to empower women and stop violence against women. Through online media we can have a wider reach. We boost the page to target the younger generation, girls 13-21 years of age.” 

The club also put up posters on how to stop violence at home.

“These posters with diagrams show what to do to ask for help when you are abused at home and what to do when you see the sign. These posters will reach the grassroot level in all the barangays in the city,” she said.

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