Zonta Club of Dhaka IV speaks out on cybercrimes and violence against women

On 9 December, the Zonta Club of Dhaka IV, Bangladesh, conducted a webinar event on cybercrime and violence against women in Bangladesh and how to prevent it. Female students, their peers, friends and family were encouraged to join in the discussion. 

The club invited three panelists to speak on the topic:

  • The first speaker was Sabah Moyeen, a Senior Social Development Specialist and Gender Focal point for Bangladesh and Bhutan at the World Bank. Sabah talked about the types of cybercrimes prevalent in Bangladesh and their impacts on society. She also instructed the attendants on building awareness around these issues to end the crime.
  • The second speaker was Amirul Haque, an Advocate of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. Amirul shared his vast knowledge and experience in the cybercrime field and spoke about the legal implications and punitive actions victims can take.
  • The third speaker was Moloy Shaha, who is also an Advocate of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. Moloy is highly experienced in family law and has been a human rights activist since his youth. He discussed the legal aspects of cybercrimes and violent acts and how to speak justice against perpetrators.

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