Zonta Club of Pori I says NO through various events

While the Zonta Club of Pori I, Finland, annually kicks off the 16 Days of Activism by wrapping orange scarves around statues in their city, they planned other activities to further their mission of saying NO to violence against women.

Exhibition at local library

In the lobby of Pori’s library, an exhibition was organized in cooperation with the Mother and Child Homes and Shelters Association of Pori, Soroptimists and other Zonta clubs. The exhibition aimed to raise awareness of gender-based and domestic violence in their community. The presentation included brochures from organizing associations, literature on the topic and, of course, orange color.

Open-air concert

In an open-air concert led by the Mother and Child Homes and Shelters Association, Zontians and Soroptimists relayed information regarding gender-based and domestic violence. Orange-colored items were distributed to attendees to further the message.

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