Zonta Club of Neustadt an der Weinstrasse lit multiple local buildings in orange

Members of the Zonta Club of Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, District 28, are proud that they managed to illuminate numerous public and private buildings for one week in orange light in honor of the Zonta Says NO campaign and Zonta’s centennial anniversary.

The Hambach Castle, the Hornbach Tower, the Cineplex, the Wolfsburg, the town hall and other city buildings, the Stiftskirche and the Gimmeldinger church, along with many other buildings, were illuminated.

The lighting of the Hambach Castle was particularly successful as it is one of the most important symbols of German democracy. At the Hambacher Fest in May 1832, the German flag was carried in black, red and gold for the first time. Which is why the Hambach Castle is known as the cradle of German democracy. This was very important as a symbol of the campaign.

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