Zonta Club of Offenburg lights up local town hall in orange

The Zonta Club of Offenburg, District 30, took part in this year’s international campaign to say no to violence against women. From 16 to 26 November, the historic town hall in Offenburg, a city located at the brim of the Black Forest and close to the French city of Strasbourg, was illuminated in bright orange and attracted a lot of visitors and passers-by.

As in Offenburg, the Christmas lighting and the Christmas Market started 26 November and the Zonta club had to organize the campaign before that date. At the same time, a cooperation with the bakers’ association was initiated and 40,000 bread bags were printed that were distributed to all the local bakery shops. They had the slogan “Zonta Says NO” printed on one side and “Gewalt kommt mir nicht in die Tüte” on the other side. “Das kommt nicht in die Tüte” is a German saying meaning “this is an absolute no-go”, so the inscription reads “Violence is an absolute no-go”.

On 25 November, the international day against violence against women, various local celebrities distributed bags filled with pretzels for free. Among these were the Mayor of Offenburg and Christina Obergföll, gold-medalist in javelin throwing.

The press coverage was excellent. All in all, the fourteen club members of the Zonta Club of Offenburg were very content with the outcome of the campaign and would like to repeat the campaign in 2020.

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